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Best Extracurricular Activities

Leadership extracurricular activities
Best extracurricular activities
List of possible extracurricular activities


The Best Extracurricular Activities


Your extracurricular activities should be focused on the things you are passionate about and have been involved with for years (the longer the involvement with your favorite activities, the better).  Colleges don’t really care what your activities are, just as long as there is in-depth, long-term involvement. 


Because college admission officers prefer students with long-term commitment to their activities, they look for students who work their way up into leadership roles.  If you are involved in an activity you are passionate about for years, the expected progression is to go from simple participation to leadership.  Being a leader is very appealing to admission officers because colleges need leaders in every field of interest.  A partial list of extracurricular activities is provided.


College admissions officers try to build college communities with students who have varied interests.  Nothing would be more boring than to have a campus filled with students who earned 4.6 GPA’s and have perfect SAT scores, whose only interest in college is to study 100% of the time. 


Colleges want a student body filled with variety and diversity to make their campus come alive with interest and excitement.  Therefore, clearly demonstrate your passionate involvement in activities on your college and university applications.  The schools you are applying to just may be looking for a student with your special interests.

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