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Student Résumé Highlights


Your student résumé should emphasize your strongest achievements first. If your grade point average (GPA) is excellent, list it first along with the difficulty of your high school curriculum (show the difficulty of curriculum by listing or describing the AP, honors and college prep classes you’ve completed). Along with your excellent GPA, show all of your academic achievements and honors (such as making the Principal’s List, being a Merit Scholar, passing an AP Test, etc.). 


If your GPA is not strong, but your school and extracurricular activities are outstanding, list your activities first (such as being a class officer, an officer in Junior Statesmen of America, the lead volunteer with a community organization, sports team captain, or demonstrating years of dedicated community service, etc.).


If your SAT or ACT test scores are truly outstanding, show them at the top of your résumé.


Admissions officers don’t always realize the importance of some of your achievements, so make sure exceptional achievements are fully explained.  In addition, use bolded text or other symbols (such as asterisks) to:


  • Identify activities you find most important and those you plan to continue in college.
  • Bring out important honors, exceptional commitment, or unique characteristics about you.

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