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Update your Student Résumé – A Complete List of Your Accomplishments and Activities


Update your student résumé by including all accomplishments and activities from your freshman, sophomore, and junior years. Also, if you’re a senior, include activities you will undertake during your senior year. 


Your résumé should include:


Academic Achievements and Honors – examples include making the honor roll, being a Merit Scholar, earning a high class rank, successfully passing Advanced Placement (AP) tests, etc.


School Activities and Honors – examples include joining Junior Statesmen of America, participating in varsity sports, joining clubs that help your local community such as Key Club, joining science club and yearbook, performing duties as a class officer, being a member of the academic decathlon team, etc.


Leadership Positions – were you a class officer, club leader, yearbook editor, school newspaper editor, or sports team captain?


Community and Church Activities (volunteer work) – examples include tutoring elementary school students, helping senior citizens, serving others at a rescue mission, helping at events for at-risk youth, etc.


Extracurricular Activities and Job Experiences – examples include speech contests, music lessons, working at a job, working at an internship, etc.


Summer Experiences and Talents – examples include participating in Community Theater, joining a bike club where you take weekly bike rides as a group, guitar or singing lessons, taking a community college course, etc.


Travel Experiences (domestic and foreign) – have you traveled in the United States or to foreign countries to learn or to help others?

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