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Letter of Non-Acceptance

Send a Letter to Each College You’re NOT Attending.


After confirming enrollment with the college or university of your choice, send a letter of non-acceptance declining enrollment at each of the other colleges and universities that accepted you.  Each letter should express appreciation for being considered worthy of admission and thank the school for accepting you. 


Many colleges that receive courteous letters of non-acceptance from students keep those students’ records on file for one year, and may even retain student’s admission status and financial aid awards. 


By sending a letter, you will remain on good terms with the other colleges that accepted you.  If you end up disliking the college you attend in Fall 2011, it will be less uncomfortable for you to contact those other colleges to ask if they can consider you as a transfer student in the Spring or Fall.


If colleges retain your admission status and financial aid awards for one year, it means they will automatically admit you as a transfer student in the Spring or Fall of 2012 if you make the request for transfer.  In addition, those schools will honor the financial aid offered to you in Spring 2011 and will apply it to your sophomore, junior and senior years.


In summary, sending letters of non-acceptance is an important step because it demonstrates professionalism and courtesy.  Most importantly, sending letters may hold open your admission and financial aid awards at the colleges that accepted you if you wish to transfer to those schools within 12 months time.

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