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CSS/PROFILE Financial Aid Application

CSS/PROFILE Introduction
CSS/PROFILE Pre-Application Worksheet
Completing the Online CSS/PROFILE
CSS/PROFILE Corrections


CSS/PROFILE Pre-Application Worksheet


Print the Pre-Application Worksheet and fill it out by hand before completing the online CSS/PROFILE Application. 


After the paper Pre-Application Worksheet is completed by hand, go online to complete and submit your CSS /PROFILE application.

To print the Pre-Application Worksheet, go to CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE®:


Click on the green rectangle, "FALL 2012/SPRING 2013 " and enter your User Name and Password (the same ones used to register for the SAT Tests).  Click on “Sign In”.


Click on “Register for PROFILE” in the upper left corner of the page (in dark blue).


Click the light blue “Register” button on the page bottom.


Enter the information requested on the pages that follow (4 to 5 pages of questions).


When you finish entering your registration information, the Data Review table will be displayed. Review this document to make sure all the information you entered is correct. When you verify all information is correct, click “Continue” in the lower right of page.


The next page you see will be the Registration Confirmation page. Click on the Customized Pre-Application Worksheet link to print the Customized PROFILE Pre-Application Worksheet; your parents will need to fill this worksheet out by hand. Also, click on the Customized Application Instructions link to print instructions on how to answer questions on the Pre-Application Worksheet.


Log out of the online PROFILE. Click the gray “LOG OUT OF PROFILE” button on the top right of page.


Have your parents complete the paper Worksheet by hand using estimates of their 2011 income and assets.

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